It’s a simple idea – one we thought was worth going after. We spend one third of our lives sleeping. So we thought we’d make it memorable.

We care about the wellbeing of our customers and believe that they deserve to know exactly how their products are made. We source our products from quality, traceable materials, such as GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, GOLS Certified Organic Latex, Certi-PuR Certified Memory Foam, and double tempered Canadian steel coils.

Additionally, all the textiles used in our products are OEKO-TEX Certified, meaning they’ve been safely produced without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetics. Our manufacturers ensure their products are made with the utmost care and consideration for our planet, and for our customers.

It’s just one extra step we take to ensure you sleep better.

Through our rigorous selection process, we’ve cultivated strong partnerships with international companies that dedicate themselves to conscious manufacturing. From Portugal to Canada, we’ve selected partners that have gone above and beyond to deliver quality products that don’t come at the cost of our ecosystems.

These manufacturers provide unparalleled levels of transparency, allowing all of us to feel better about the products we sleep in.